Poche cose abbiamo imparato dalla storia all'infuori di questa: che le idee si condensano in un sistema di ortodossia, i poteri in una forma gerarchica e che ciò che può ridare vita al corpo sociale irrigidito è soltanto l'alito della libertà, con la quale intendo quella irrequietezza dello spirito, quell'insofferenza dell'ordine stabilito, quell'aborrimento di ogni conformismo che richiede spregiudicatezza mentale ed energia di carattere.
Io sono convinto che se non avessimo imparato dal marxismo a vedere la storia dal punto di vista degli oppressi, guadagnando una nuova immensa prospettiva sul mondo umano, non ci saremmo salvati. O avremmo cercato riparo nell'isola della nostra interiorità o ci saremmo messi al servizio dei vecchi padroni. Ma tra coloro che si sono salvati, solo alcuni hanno tratto in salvo un piccolo bagaglio dove, prima di buttarsi in mare, avevano deposto, per custodirli, i frutti più sani della tradizione intellettuale europea: l'inquietudine della ricerca, il pungolo del dubbio, la volontà del dialogo, lo spirito critico, la misura nel giudicare, lo scrupolo filologico, il senso della complessità delle cose.
Norberto Bobbio

sabato 14 luglio 2012

The Greenies

The Green Party convention is underway and they have a presidential nominee, the jewish Jill Stein whose Green New Deal contains some good points along with some probably not so good and doesn't go nearly far enough in solving our problems. Cheri Honkala gets the VP nod. As an activist, Honkala has been reportedly arrested over 200 times but we won't hold that against her. Heck, we wish Hillary Clinton would get arrested just once and she's a real high level criminal. We'll keep an eye on both of these green ladies though, just in case they are not what they want us to think they are.
I would like to go off on a rant and say that the Green Party is controlled opposition but at this moment I don't know. Help me out if you know anything I don't. I'm certain most of their supporters are sincere but as with any group that gets money from somewhere and at least a little publicity on the national stage there is always the chance of manipulators and manipulation behind the scenes.

Voting in this upcoming election is not going to make a difference. The two party fraud and those feeding the criminal system most likely already have the winner picked. The Green Party is a small sideshow but some of the messages they proclaim have merit and do need to be talked about. We will pick and choose what we like and expand on them and reject some of the aspects and try to show where they come up short. Some of us selectively chose part of Ron Paul's message and if you look at the Greens and choose carefully you may find they leave the Paulites in the dust. As I have been told, sometimes it's as simple as the message not the messenger or what the messenger has to say in its entirety. We have the right, maybe even the duty, to tweak someone's else's message and right or wrong have it entered into the debate.

It will be interesting to see what the 2012 Green Party platform will say in its entirety and maybe it will go even further that the 2010 one. Their platform and you could also call it their agenda seems mainstream to me. There's a lot of points that most reading here will agree with. It's the dems and repubs that are the radicals but if you're a part of a criminal syndicate of bankers and their underlings, radicalism is to be expected. 

Parts of the greenies platform are what many of us have been saying. No to Israel, right of return for Palestinians, a new 9/11 independent investigation, end the Fed and print our own money, single payer health care for all, close all the overseas military bases, end the wars, cut military spending by 50% (not enough), repeal of the Patriot Act and its clones, fighting sex trafficking, legalization of marijuana and ending the drug wars, etc. etc.

Some of their programs needs to be tweaked. How about a call for true investigations, indictments and open trials for financial crimes, war criminals and the political bottom feeders? Treason is a capital offense. The deeds against humanity should not go unpunished. I'm not sure we're ready for their immigration policy. We have a multitude of environmental problems and there's lots of room for debate on how the priority would go. They talk too much about the UN without mentioning that they too are institutionally corrupt  Too much reliance on big government to save us and I don't see a call for elimination of the IRS and taxes on labor. Or anything about how do we rein in usury. 
'll vote because it's easy for me and I get to observe the local system and the electronic voting machines. Will I vote for the green's Mrs. Stein? No. I'll probably write in something absurd as usual. Will I in face to face political conversations use some of the green's talking points and maybe even mention them as an alternative? Yes.....but with a few caveats

Anyway, we know the basic blueprint, the hymnal, the cookbook. Those who follow it are tweaking the recipes as they go along thinking they may get the perfect pie, one where only a very few crumbs fall off for us to fight over. How about we tell them at every opportunity? ..... "That ain't going to happen."


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